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Portfolio Instructions

The Graphic Design Entrance Portfolio consists of 12-20 of your best and most recent work (including direct observational drawings).

The entrance portfolio should include of a variety of media and approaches. It can include assignment-based projects, self-directed work and sketchbook work, which often provide information on the applicant’s creative process.

The portfolio does not need to be major-specific, and can include both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional work in a variety of media and formats including: paintings, drawings, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, digital, animation, etc. , Avoid including work that is copied from photographs, uses the grid system or directly replicates any other artist’s.

As part of the 12-20 works submitted, students must include 3-5 drawings from direct observation. Examples of observational work include landscape, still-life, self-portrait, figure drawings, and interior spaces.

Include the following information for each work submitted: include your name, title of work, date completed, media and size (in inches). Example: ( #1, Jon Smith, Self-Portrait, Mixed media, 1/2018, 24”x 48”)  Your images should not exceed 1280 x 1280 x 72 ppi.

Include a 500-word (max) essay stating your intent to submit your entrance portfolio for consideration into the Graphic Design Program. You have a unique background, interests and personality, write a personal, thoughtful essay about something that has meaning for you. Be honest and genuine. Include an introduction about yourself, talk a little about your existing knowledge about design and or art, or how you think it connects to another discipline you are interested in. Describe your skills and ambitions, and what truly motivates you. Describe your future goals.

Prepare your work within a PDF file, DOCX file or PowerPoint file (see formatting guide below).  Upload your portfolio as a single document. Provide stills and link to any videos or interactive work. The essay should be typed directly or copied and pasted within the online Entrance Portfolio itself.

Reviews will be completed by a faculty committee and results shared with all applicants via email prior to Advising Day or the eighth week of the semester. Upon successful completion of the portfolio, your degree audit will read as passing the BFA program entrance requirement.

(Formatting Example)